Pathfinder 101: June 19th, 6pm CST

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(Online Course)

After registration, you'll receive an email closer to the event date, with a link to the course and instructions for login. 

Land Navigation & Map Reading 

In this online course, you will attend a Live presentation by Green Beret instructor Kawa Mawlayee teaching you the basics of land navigation, map reading, terrain interpretation, use of compass and protractor, pace counts and understanding magnetic and grid azimuths. 

In today's world, the simple fundamental skills of survival have been replaced with smart technology devices.

  • Who needs a map and compass when you have Google Maps on your phone?
  • Who needs to learn how to change a tire when you have roadside assistance at the touch of a button?
  • Why learn how to grow your own food when you have grocery stores that deliver to your doorstep?

But what happens when you have no connection to the world wide web, no electricity, no stores open to buy food? Only those who take the time to learn the basics of survival and how to live off the land, will have a fighting chance of staying alive and possibly thriving. 

Learning how to interpret terrain and navigate across land confidently can save your life by getting you to a critical location or leading you to shelter or water (which will in turn lead you to animals and vegetation for sustenance). It can help you locate help or help you in your strategy to fight the good fight, while using terrain to your advantage. 

After you take this online course with Kawa, you will have a strong understanding of what it means to read and use a map, protractor, compass and learn how to interpret and navigate land. 

Upon completion of this course, graduates will receive an digital certification of completion. 



  • Lensatic Compass: Recommended purchase here (Cammenga 3H Compass)
    • Must be lensatic military style, map compass, with "Degrees" scale
  • Map Protractor: Recommend purchase here (Tradition Creek)
    • Must be square protractor with 1:50,000 scale and degree scale 
  • Below are website instructions for your free PDF map download:
    • Country: USA
    • State: Your state
    • Click "View Filters"
      • Under "Map Scale" button, choose 1:50,000 (must be this scale)
    • Click "Apply Filters" button
    • If you don't see your city, choose nearby city or whatever is available
      • Click on that map
      • Click "View/Download" button
      • Once map shows up, (right click) Save to your computer
    • Printing instructions: Either print the entire map at local printer or print one 8.5x11 section from home printer:
      • Instructions for home printing: Choose a good section of the map to print and print it to scale. If you print the entire map on an 8.5x11, it won't work for the course.
      • Please make sure the map print size matches your protractor's 1:50,000 scale.