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(Kawa and Guy Ritchie, Military Consultant, "The Covenant", 2022 Spain)


2Alpha Training Group is owned by Kawa Mawlayee, Special Forces Green Beret and operated by seasoned military veterans with decades of operational and combat experience. Our goal as military consultants are to bridge the gap between the military and entertainment industry and bring the most authenticity to your projects. 

Kawa Mawlayee is an Afghan-born, American-raised military veteran with 21 years of military & Special Operations experience. Kawa is confirmed to be the first Afghan-American Green Beret in Special Forces history. He was a highly trained Green Beret for 16 years with several combat deployments to multiple countries. He is a linguist consultant as well as a cultural advisor. He owns three companies and consults for several others on research and development, as well as testing and evaluation for their respective products. Kawa also provides military consultation for film/TV and has been on several projects in the last several years. Kawa's company, 2Alpha Training Group has provided training packages for several big name actors and other cast. You can find Kawa on Instagram under @kawa_m_official. He also has an instructional YouTube page under 2Alpha Training Group. 
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Kawa starred and consulted for "Contact" on Discovery channel


Military consultant for "Star Wars: Battlefront II"


Kawa has consulted for military commercials for United Airlines, the US Navy, Navy Federal Credit Union, Modelo beer and Gruntstyle clothing.


Military consultant on the movie "Vice"


Military consultant for two seasons of "One Day At A Time"


Kawa produced and was the military consultant on Hollyshorts Film Festival favorite, "Goliath 22"