Active Citizen: July 17th, 6pm CST (Online Seminar)

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(Online Course)

After registration, you'll receive an email closer to the event date, with a link to the course and instructions for login. 

Active Citizen: The Art of Awareness and Readiness

In this online course, you will attend a Live presentation by Green Beret instructor Kawa Mawlayee teaching you what it means to become an Active Citizen. In today's world, as societal issues and divide increase tension in communities, so does the frequency of criminal activity. Criminals have become more emboldened by policies and programs put in place to favor them, not the average citizen. If this is the case, the average citizen must now adopt a lifestyle that is ready and willing to combat dangers and threats they may encounter in their everyday lives.

In this course we will cover the following topics:

  • Understanding your Pattern of Life (POL)
  • Understanding the cultures of environments
  • Situational and Spatial Awareness
  • Training in different areas
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
  • Plans for Preparedness and Readiness

The only equipment you'll need for this presentation is something to take notes. We will cover a lot of information and this presentation will not be accessible afterwards. 

Come join us for this online seminar and bring the whole family as well. This information is appropriate for all ages and it's good to get the young ones learning this early. 

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    Floyd Bugeja
    Much more then expected

    The knoledge is indepth and much more informative, I have been impressed by the delivery of the course and the aproach that Kawa takes to explain in detail and give good examples.

    I am definetly looking forward to more online courses and willing to go in country and physicaly attend his in field courses as well.

    Good effort and keep up the great work.