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Our Ranger Gun Belt is like no other belt on the market.  Exclusively engineered from the beginning, with one task in mind, to create a solid connection between your body and firearm. Unlike other ratchet belts, the Ranger Belt was designed for an intended purpose, and not an afterthought.  

With a buckle fully constructed of 304 Stainless steel, including the pins and springs that hold the components together,  once mated with our belt material this combo makes for a near indestructible belt.

Featuring 19 holes spaced at ½” increments, allowing for micro adjustments to fit any need, as well as a spring-loaded drop pin to easily find its mark for super-fast donning and removal in the heat of action. Whether that’s in the restroom, or bedroom, we’ve got you covered.

The Ranger Gun Belt also uses our new ultra-matte black groove less polymer coated nylon strapping, which has a diamond coat texture to give you a superb non-slip feature once around your waist. This exclusive feature keeps your firearm and gear in the same place you set it, to maintain that muscle memory when it comes to gear location. This new coating also gives you a “no shine design”, to limit visibility and enhance concealment.

Grommets provide an enjoyable and audible “click”, to indicate locking positions during adjustments. The Ranger can also be ordered without grommets, the choice is yours (order both if you like).

Tested by former and current Green Berets, Navy Seals, Special Operations, SWAT, Law Enforcement, and top tactical trainers, your belt is ready for serious use. Designed for the war-fighter in mind, be confident our new belt will take your gear to the next level.

Patent Pending #63/408,392

• Width: 1.5" (38mm)
• Thickness: .180" or 4.5mm
• Polymer Coated Nylon
• 304SS Powder coated buckle
• Superior strength and weather resistance
• Tempered non-slip diamond textured coating
• Impervious to sweat and water
• Built like a Tank
• Temperature Rating: -50.8 F to 125.6 F
• Limited life time warrenty

Our belts are made from a near indestructible Polymer coated nylon material which ensures no roll over or folding, zero stretch, and impermeable to all weather conditions, unlike natural leather belts. It resists water, sweat, dirt, chemicals, blood, and most other liquids and substances. Cleaning only requires mild soap and water. All our belts are made of TOP quality materials. We do not cut corners with our belts and have yet to replace any of our belts with our lifetime warranty.


Items are custom made and usually ship 5-10 days from time of order

USA Shipping: 3-8 Business Days

International Shipping: 5-9 Business Days

We offer a 30 Day Returns & Exchanges Policy.

We accept belts back if you were not happy with their performace within 30 days of receiving item.

We can not replace belts due to weight loss or waist expansion.

We do not accept exchanges for other designs / different items.

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