New to Handgun 101: Burro Canyon Shooting Park (Azusa, CA) Sep 14

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Handgun 101: Introduction to Your Handgun

This course is for you if one or more of the following apply to you:

  • You have never shot a handgun or have never owned one before.
  • You just recently bought your first handgun.
  • You are renting one for this course, before purchasing. 
  • You own a handgun but want to start formal training.
  • You're curious about firearms and want to understand them better.
  • You're not sure about the safety of firearms or their function.
  • You're nervous about training but smart enough to know you should start.

This course is designed to introduce even the newest of shooters to the very basic fundamentals of handgun safety and training. You will get a personal assessment of your knowledge, handling and shooting your handgun. This is the beginning of your next passion and an amazing & fun journey awaits!

Our training day will be a full 6-hour day with very short breaks in between drills and an allotted lunch break.

Course Curriculum: 

  • Safe gun handling
  • Loading & unloading firearms
  • Grip, sights, trigger
  • Basic Marksmanship
  • Malfunctions and clearing them
  • Standing, kneeling, prone shooting positions
  • Weapons storage & maintenance

Course round count: 200 pistol

- Semi-Auto pistol
- 2 mags
- At least 1 pistol mag carrier
- Range belt
- OWB holster
- Ear protection
- Eye protection (both sunglasses & clear lens)
- Proper range attire & shoes
- Note taking materials
- Plenty of water, liquids
- Lunch + snacks

- Range med kit including tourniquet
- Gloves
- Extra weapons parts, backup pistol
- Tool kit, Multitool
- Cleaning kit
- Sunblock
- Dump pouch
- Speed loader
- Folding chair
- Cooler
- Rain gear

All students are responsible for the legal condition of their firearms and equipment as well as the safe transportation of them. Please check your local laws for more information if needed.

CERTIFICATES: Will be awarded after each course.

-Full Refund: 30 days or more
-Partial Refund: Within 30 days
-Future course credit: Within 2 weeks of course start date.


Please fill out the following linked forms and click "Submit" when finished. 

Course Liability Waiver



22100 E Fork Rd
Azusa CA 91702


SHOWTIME: No later than 8am. 

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