2-Man CQB Level I: The Ranch (Dilley, TX) Oct 19-20

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2-Man CQB

We live in a world where people want to harm us and most often data shows that these horrific acts take place in urban environments and locations within structures with numerous rooms and open spaces. Statistically, we travel in pairs. A need for low-resource CQB was needed due to LE requirements. This course will help you understand how to work in pairs, with either teammates, spouses, friends or even the off chance that you would need to pair up with another armed citizen. 

This is a beginners level introduction to 2-man CQB tactics. We will discuss and train in great depth, the concept of CQB and why it is critical to add this skillset to our toolbox.

We will spend two full days learning the tactics and practical application of 2-man CQB. We will teach you how to assess & take down center-fed & corner-fed rooms (using both deliberate and hasty methods) as well as learn about opposing threats and hallways. We'll also teach different methods of clearing and touch on scenario based tactics including active shooter, rescue/extraction, tactical egress and home defense CQB. Day 2 we will incorporate role players and OPFOR for force on force scenarios. 

This course will be full 9-hour days with breaks in between and an allotted lunch break.

OVERALL: This course will be a challenging and informative 2 days for everyone. You will be forced to come out of your comfort zone under this new skillset. The curriculum for this course is information heavy and you will receive lots of tools for your training toolbox. You will learn the most about yourself, your capabilities and your limitations. This course will establish your baseline of where you are in your progression of execution and give you a good guideline for improvement to the next level. CQB is a monster skillset and takes years to learn, understand and execute! Be ready to learn! Note taking gear is highly recommended. 


- Sturdy Belt
- GLOCK OWB or IWB holster
- Rifle sling
- Ear protection
- Eye protection (both sunglasses & clear lens)
- Proper range attire & shoes
- Note taking materials
- Plenty of water, liquids
- Lunch + snacks 

- Plate Carrier
- Helmet
- Range med kit including tourniquet
- Tool kit, Multitool
- Dump pouch
- Cooler
- Field Chair

RESTRICTED FIREARMS:  NO livefire weapons or ammo needed. Airsoft firearms, BBs and green gas will be provided.

Video recording is NOT allowed unless given consent by the instructors.

Kawa Mawlayee – Lead Instructor
Chandler Rosman – Assistant Instructor
Daminh Tran – Assistant Instructor
RSOs- if available

CERTIFICATES: Will be awarded at the end of the course

-Full Refund: 30 days or more
-Partial Refund: Within 30 days
-No Refund: Within 2 weeks of course start date.


Please fill out the following linked forms and click "Submit" when finished. 
Course Questionnaire

Course Liability Waiver



The Ranch
10700 S Interstate Hwy 35
Dilley, TX 780172


Please arrive at no later than 8am.

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